Slendertone Review

What is Slendertone?

Slendertone is an electric ab belt. It is one of the most popular toning belts in the market. It is designed by a biomedical company and approved by FDA. Most people confuse it for burning fat, but this belt is only tones the abs and doesn’t burn fat.

How does It work?

Slendertone uses Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to send signals from the belt to your abdnormal muscles via the nerves causing them to contact and work. Combining regular slendertone sessions with exercise and clean diet firms and tightens your stomach muscles. It gives maximum toning as it uses 50Hz electrical pulse frequency compared to other brands on the market which only use 20Hz.


  • Toned tummy
  • Stronger core
  • Flatter tummy
  • Reduced waistline by an average of 3.5cm
  • Improve posture and reduce back pain


  • Not a substitute of exercise and eating healthy
  • Expensive
  • Gel pads wear off easily
  • The effect may be only temporary
  • Improves muscle tone but does not burn fat
  • Does not work well for those who are obese as the fat layers interfere with muscle contraction

Where to buy Slendertone?

This is an easy and hand washable belt which comes with a

  • Rechargeable hand controller
  • Replacement gel pads
  • Instruction manual
  • Travel pouch.

You can buy it from Amazon for £128.99 + £2.99 UK delivery   



  1. Hi there! Loved your post! I have never heard of it before and it seems like something that I would definitely consider getting for myself.
    I really liked your honesty within the review including all of the cons as well as the pros. Did you try it yourself?
    Thank you for a very informative post!

  2. Interesting product. Diet is the most important part of changing your body composition, but exercise helps to burn extra calories and tone and strengthen. Devices such as these have always made me skeptical, but I guess if used as an ancillary part of a lifestyle conducive to leanness, it could be the ticket that gives you that last bit of oomph that so many need to shed those last bits of unwanted fat. Thanks for your review!

  3. Yeah belts and other exercise accessories might be helpful as long we don’t expect for them to work like magic and do all the work for us. I’ve seen some girls at my local gym wear these kind of belts and they look good but I still think it’s because they really push it at the gym. The improved posture is a unexpected benefit though. I wonder how that works exactly. Do you know?

  4. I enjoyed your review on this slendertone belt product, these products are interesting and tempting for many people to give them a try. I do enjoy reading articles on this type of product, I am not yet convinced who well these actually do what they clam to do?

    I am wondering if this is a healthy method to try to tone those ab muscles, I wonder if people are wearing and using this product all the time could it cause any problems for them in the future?

  5. I’ve always had half an ear open to these belts. Ever since having kids my stomach is not what it used to be;) However, there are so many different brands on the market for this I honestly find it confusing. How does this compare to the itworks one?
    Thanks for a great article

  6. I can definitely see the benefits of using a product like this along with a healthy diet and exercise routine. The Slendertone really could be the answer to that little bit of lower stubborn belly fat that is always so hard to lose! Thank you for your honest review!

  7. I found this article very interesting about the slendertone. I am very curious if it works. I work at desk from 8-5 and it is difficult to maintain my weight, and after having 3 babies, my stomache are is the most problematic. I think I could keep this at my desk and use it during the day.
    Thank you for bringing this product to my attention.

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