There are thousands of products in the market claiming to help you lose weight. Some of these can be very expensive and it time consuming to decide on whether to invest on a product or service which you have absolutely no proof works. This is where I come in. In order to save you time and money, I will review some of the products am using or have previously used. My job is to give a thorough and detailed review with pros and cons of the product.

Litramine- XLS Medical

I know a lot of people want to know if there are any side effects to the Litramine. All I can say is that everyone’s body is different. The side effects that one person feels may not apply to another person taking the same pills, but it says on the pills that there are rarely any side effects. However these may occur:

  1. Rash
  2. Itching
  3. Slight swelling
  4. mild bloating
  5. constipation


Having said that I haven’t experienced any of the above side effects after a week of taking these.

The other disadvantage of Litramine is that they are quite expensive. 180 tablets will last you a month and the price for these range from £30.98-£57.99. However you can also get a smaller pack of 60 tablets. The cheapest place to purchase these are at

Squeem Waist Cincher

Squeem is a big brand in the shapewear world so you can count on them to provide the best shapewear. All their shapewear products are constructed using natural material including cotton and latex so they can be worn for 8  hours a day and still be comfortable.
The Squeem firm Compression waist Cincher is offered in two colours, beige and black. The sizing chart is very precise so you need to be honest when measuring yourself.  It can be worn in hot conditions without getting too hot. It can be worn whilst running or doing any form of exercise without getting too uncomfortable.
This waist trainer has helped many flatten their tummy with continued use after having a baby. It may smell like rubber when brand new, but after washing it the smell will go away. The plastic bonding in it prevents it from rolling and shifting. It also helps correct posture and take away lower back pain, clothes look better on you and make you feel better about yourself as it creates an sexy hourglass shape. I would recommend it to anyone.
The disadvantages with this product include the fact that short people may have problems wearing the product correctly as it will be too long for their tummy. It is also not easily disguised under some tight clothing such as bodycon dresses.
Get your Squeem waist trainer from Amazon.