How To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

On my previous post I touched on how I will be using one of Dr Oz’s recommendations on how to lose stomach fat fast. So today I wanted to explain a little more about how these ingredients when taken actually work in your body.

  • Litramine is  made from dried leaves of the prickly pear and has been used to help in weight lose in Mexico for generations. You take Litramine pills immediately after a meal so that it can work as a fat binder. The fibers of the Litramine attach to any fat you had in the meal, forming a large fat-fiber that can’t be absorbed by the small intestine. This will pass through your body undigested and excreted as waste, absorbing fewer calories and contributing to weight loss.


  • When a pancreas is overworked , it isn’t able to burn energy efficiently and remove fat. It can lead to fat storage particularly stubborn belly fat. Green tea with garlic recharges your pancreas  by flushing out the fat fast.


  • Vitamin C is important to your metabolism as it is needed for production of molecules used in metabolism of fatty tissue. Without enough vitamin C, your body is still producing fatty tissue for energy but is storing it and unable to use it. This will cause a build up of fat in the tummy area. Vitamin C helps you burn fat faster especially during exercise.


  • White wine vinegar  can block fat from accumulating if you drink it after eating sugars and carbs. It does this by breaking down fat so that your body can use it than store it. It is rich in acetic acid, an acid that is used to slow the digestion of starch which can help to lower the rise of glucose in your body.



  1. Very informative post! I was not familiar with Litramine and White Wine Vinegar. When on diet I drink green tea but only in the morning. Will try to combine it with garlic this time and see how it goes. Should I drink it in the evenings too (before going to sleep)?

    1. Green tea contains caffeine. If consumed too late in the day you might find it difficult too fall asleep so I suggest drinking it in the morning or afternoon.

  2. This is a great post. I always knew that vitamin C was beneficial for a number of things, but didn’t know that it helps greatly with losing belly fat. I will definitely take my vitamin supplements more often now.

    I am curious as to how you consume the white wine vinegar. Do you add it into your cooking recipes and have it together with other ingredients? Would love to know your methods.

    Awesome article!

    1. Hi Farham,

      Drinking white wine vinegar on its own is very difficult, however some people can manage it. It always makes me want to throw up if I try drinking it on its own so I usually add honey and water to the 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar and drink it. There are other ways you could add white wine vinegar to your diet like using it as a salad dressing and adding it to your meat marinade . You can also use white wine vinegar to pickle vegetables. I hope that helps.

  3. I am a vitamin C lover as well as Krill and vitamin K2. I also take Magnesium every day. Although I’m not as slim as you youngsters, for my age, I think I’m quite healthy. I have tried white wine vinegar but find it a bit much tastewise. But I’ve never tried this Litramine which you talk about. I will certainly be researching it to learn more.
    I think it’s worth mentioning that good fats are not the problem here. Consuming good quality fats can actually aid your weight loss. I use organic coconut oil for most of my cooking as it tolerates much higher temperatures. Extra virgin olive oil is best use cold on salads for instance. We all need fat to keep us healthy but it must be the right type and not these processed vegetable oils that crowd the supermarket shelves. Great post. Ches

    1. Thanks for adding to that Ches, I totally agree, good quality fats can help you lose weight. I do use extra virgin oil, but not so much coconut oil as I don’t like the smell. You can also get good fats from eggs, nuts, fish and avocado.

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