The good thing about exercise is that it carries a lot of mental and health benefits. One thing women should first understand is that exercise alone may be enough for men, but women are built different. We have less muscle and more fat making it harder to shift that fat. To make a real difference you also need to focus on what you eat.


Going to the gym is one way of  getting a slim waist if you can focus on the right exercise. Getting a personal trainer is probably the best idea as they can not only advice you on the best exercise to get rid of tummy fat, but also be great motivation on your journey to getting a slim waist. Going to the gym also means your attention can’t be elsewhere compared to at home when you can be easily destructed.


At Home

However if you can’t afford a gym membership you can always do some workouts at home. You can purchase some workout DVDs that focus mainly on losing that belly fat. There is also plenty of YouTube exercise videos which you can watch free online. Please read my review section if you need any recommendations. Simply put this on when the kids have gone to bed or 1st thing in the morning before they get up. If you have not exercised in a while start off gently with 5-10minutes and gradually increase it.



  1. Hi Siza, I totally agreed with you apart from doing exercise we must focus on what we eat also. Because if the foods contain more fats or protein it can leads to obesity and longer duration of time to maintain slimmer. Doing the exercise at own home also help us better, there is no distraction and we can concentrate more on the workout.

    1. Andy, what you say is not correct. Yes, we must watch what we eat, but high protein diets are EXACTLY what you want. Protein contains the same calorie density as carbs, but it makes you stay satisfied longer. Fats have twice the calorie density, so they should be kept to a relative minimum. They are necessary, though, for brain and organ function (yes, that includes saturated fats), so they should still be a part of your diet. Weight loss comes down to one major factor – energy balance. Calories in vs calories out. Healthy fat (not weight, since muscle is denser, and more muscle from working out can make weight loss slower) loss is around 2lbs per week. It takes time, but it really is about calories, plain and simple. And the macronutrient with the most long-lasting satiation for its calorie density is protein.

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