Besides the fact that belly fat doesn’t make you look good in a bodycon dress or bikini, belly fat is a serious predictor and cause of major health issues. Abdominal fat is linked to high cholesterol, high insulin and high blood pressure. Women whose waists are larger than 35inches have the greatest risk of developing health problems.

If you are really serious about losing tummy fat, then you need to change the way you think about food. Changing your eating habits in order to lose weight is an important start after all we all know prevention is better than cure. I understand no one enjoys sacrificing the food they love to eat, this can often become stressful and expensive. Always aim to eat well 80% of the time and give yourself a 20% leeway.


Eat Little Often

I personally have never been a believer of dieting as I always end up feeling like I don’t have enough fuel to do the jobs I need to do. The moment my brain registers that I’m on a diet, I start to feel irritable and feel like eating more. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people around me who’ve gone on diets almost always end up being yo-yo dieters.

Instead on going on a full on diet I would recommend you eat little and often. This simply means eating three meals a day which are breakfast, lunch and dinner and then having two snacks between the meals.


The key to losing belly fat lies in your metabolism and how clean your internal body is. Detoxing is removing toxins from the body. It is suppose to get your metabolism to burn fat quicker and in turn help you lose weight. A good detox should be focused on making you healthier not scaring your body into thinking you are going into starvation. If you want long term results you need to ease yourself into a detox because if you go cold turkey, you are more likely to give up quicker. simply cut out meat, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, dairy and gluten over the course of several days.


Most of us do not drink enough water. it is recommended that we at least drink 6 glasses of water. I understand that eating healthy can sometimes be expensive, but everyone should be able to afford to buy water and there is no excuse for not drinking the recommended intake of six glasses. Every morning when I wake up the 1st thing I drink is a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon.


  1. Hi, Siza!
    The short but good and affordable tips how not to remain stout. Another question is whether we are able not to eat a lot?
    Actually, the reason why I stuck to your post and decided to say my two cents is your Detox tip.
    I recently purchased small sauna house. A couple of years ago I moved to the countryside. I felt a lack of sauna relax procedures, but now I have it.
    Proper sauna procedures are not only detox and weight loss guarantee but also as an opportunity for the general health improvement.

    1. Thanks for your comment Andre. Yes avoiding eating a lot is very difficult to change just like changing any other habit. There are ways to try and avoid this like using smaller plates and drinking a lot of water before the meal because a lot of times we mistake thirst for hunger. A sauna house for detox sounds great. Thanks for sharing this idea. I have never used one, but would love to and maybe write a post about it after.

  2. Hi Siza,

    great blog! I’ve recently discovered the world of detox, and still have a lot to learn!
    How do you think I should start about it?

    Thanks for your reply!

    RN Didi

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