Burn Tummy Fat

It is January and everyone is highly motivated to achieve their goals. So my biggest new years resolution this year is to focus on my health. Mainly Burn tummy fat. I want to have a bikini body by summer and  want to keep it off. Yes I really want to keep it off forever this time.

So what makes this year any different? What’s going to keep me motivated throughout the year? How am I going to make sure I don’t gain the weight back? This is where this blog comes in.  Firstly I have decided to start blogging so that I’m accountable to people. I’m hoping people reading my blog would want to see me win. Fingers crossed by the beginning of summer I will be able to show off my summer body on this blog. This should be enough to encourage all of you to burn your tummy fat.


This is my 1st week of trying to burn the tummy fat and just to explain what my plan is so far? So I’m trying out smoothies this week. I’ll make a different smoothie every day, just to ease in the detox into my body. I made the mango smoothie today. It tasted great and I could drink that everyday with no problem. What I’ve come to love most about smoothies is the fact that they fill you up. I always feel like I’ve had a big meal after I’ve drank one.

Warm Water & Lemon

For the past 6 months I’ve been drinking lemon and warm water without fail so it hasn’t been all that difficult carry on with that.

Dr Oz

So whilst doing a bit of research about burning tummy fat I came across Dr Oz’s ways of burning tummy fat fast:

  1. Litramine- have after each meal
  2. Garlic tea- add 2-3 cloves of garlic to green tea and remove after 5minute
  3. Vitamin C -have 75 milligrams of vitamic C daily
  4. White wine vinegar- after every meal have 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

I will be focusing on this for at least a month and I will definitely keep you guys posted on the results……..


  1. I see you on the remaining accountable with your losing tummy fat, and I agree with you that smoothies are a great supplement to a healthy diet for losing weight.

    Are you drinking only smoothies, or are you adding other meals as well? Exercise? I would love to know your plan so as to help you with keeping consistent and accountable! I’m on the trail with you lol!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve just replaced my breakfast with smoothies and I’m still having my other meals as normal. Who knows, that might change soon lol. I started tummy exercises a couple of days ago. I’m doing 10minutes a day this week and plan on increasing them each week. I haven’t quite looked into healthy meals yet, but once I’ve researched enough and know the meals I’d like to eat, I plan on doing a meal plan. Sure we can work together lol.

  2. I like the content that you put in here and informative enough for me to follow! I would bookmark this for future reference since I want to keep track of what I should eat and maybe learn also from this in the future. Say? What smoothie will you recommend? Any personal favorite?

    1. Hi Nico. Yes, the green smoothie is my favourite and quite popular. It has Kale, gInger, Chai seeds, lime, banana and orange.

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