Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Review

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the best and highest quality organic apple cider vinegar available on the market. Millions of people choose this brand everyday and you will find more positive reviews of this particular brand than any other.

Why is this brand so popular?

  • The Bragg company was founded by Paul Bragg, but is currently run by Patricia Bragg who is Paul’s daughter in-law. She is a nutritionist to stars like Katy Perry and Clint Eastwood. This brand has a loyal celebrity following including Madonna, Demi Moore, Fergie.
  • Bragg organic apple cider vinegar is made from organic apples. Why is this important? because conventional apples have been listed as one of the 12 foods that are contaminated by pesticides. You can enjoy Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar without having to worry about contamination of pesticides.
  • It is unfiltered which means it contains the apple peel which is rich in polyphenol antioxidants. It is also unheated and unpasteurized which means it is rich in enzymes and made in the best natural way.
  • Because its unfiltered and unpasteurised it contains the “Mother” which is a sediment that forms at the bottom as it ferments. Most brands filter this in order to make the vinegar look more attractive. Some people claim that many of the vinegar’s health benefits come from the “Mother” i.e. the “Mother” is highly regarded for its nutritional and health benefits
  • It contains only 5% acidity. Acid can damage your teeth’s enamel, but the Braggs brand has been carefully crafted to have a safe level of acidity.
  • Bragg brand has won 3 awards for the best organic apple cider vinegar.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar

Put 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass, add 200ml of water and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic honey.It is recommended you take it 3 times a day i.e. in the when you wake up, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. To make this method more effective, drink it 30mins before a meal.

Where can you buy Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you would like to try this method of losing weight you can buy this Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from Amazon at an affordable price of £9.30 for a 965ml bottle. Considering the amount of celebrity attention this vinegar gets I think the price is pretty reasonable.


  1. Hi there,

    Excellent article and thanks for creating and sharing it with us. It is appreciated, thanks.

    I am actually trying Apple cider vinegar just now for weight loss to name a few reasons. It is so east to take and as you state before meals with water. I also take it after food.

    I do feel so full after eating the same amount. Am I am seeing and predicting positive results (only been trying it for a week!).

    Tips: brush teeth after taking ACV – can eat away at tooth enamel. Buy only a product that is sold in a glass bottle – the acidity can draw out the chemicals and xenoestrogens from a plastic container.

  2. Hi
    What a great Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar review. I have been thinking of trying Apple cider vinegar myself to aid my weight loss programme. There seems to be a lot of people talking out about the benefits of this so thinking I might try it.
    I think that organic apple cider vinegar is deffinately the best way to go.

  3. I love apple cider vinegar. I use it in a lot of salad dressings and if I ever have fruit flies I put some apple cider vinegar in a cup and the flies go straight for it!
    After reading your article I’m going be more careful with which brand I chose.

  4. Thankyou so much for your article on vitamin c, I had no idea just how many nasty ingredients can be added to these tablets. I have been taking vitamin c for quite some time now, will be checking the ingredients before I take another pill. I also like your article on apple cider vinegar , going to try this out myself. Thanks again Jo

  5. I have heard many things about apple cider, but I have yet to try it myself. Are there other health benefits other than the antioxidants? I have heard when mixed with honey it can be very good. I do like apples and apple juice so I might like it too. What is in it that helps you lose weight?

    1. Hi Jen.
      Yes there are other health benefits which include promoting healthy blood sugars, improvement in nutrient absorption and helping to promote healthy cholesterol. It is the acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar that helps you lose weight. It suppresses the appetite, increases the metabolism and can reduce water retention.

  6. I really wanted to try out Apple cider vinegar for weight loss but as Derek pointed out, I’m afraid that it might hurt my tooth and I may need to brush my teeth after consumption or use a mouth wash.
    What do you think about this? Moreover what happens if we consume too much of ACV, is it having any side effect?

    1. Yes Shrey there are definitely side effects of consuming too much apple cider vinegar. Damage to the enamel is always the biggest concern. By brushing your teeth after drinking you will reduce this risk, also diluting it with water as well as using a straw to drink it will limit the damage. Other side effects include low blood sugar, sore throat, low potassium levels and decreased bone density.

  7. Hi Siza,

    I have read quite a bit about the benefits of apple cider vinegar but did not give it much thought about the brand. Thanks for pointing out in your article.

    I used it to remove the wart from my hand. This was how I came to know about acv. Now, I am using it as a face toner. There was once I reverted to commercial face toner and the smell turned me off. It is back to acv toner for me, for sure. Also, Braggs ACV it is.


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