Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

Whilst the benefits of white wine vinegar are many, apple cider vinegar has arguably even more benefits. Apple cider vinegar has been used in food as well as medicine since people started farming apples. There are many uses of apple cider vinegar from conditioning hair , whitening teeth, curing a cold and house hold cleaning, but I will only focus on the its  use in aiding in weight loss.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from apples and has become very popular due to its health benefits. It is made from the liquid produced after crushing apples. Bacteria and yeast are then added to this liquid to start the fermentation process which turns the product  into alcohol. The 2nd fermentation process converts the alcohol to vinegar by acetic acid forming bacteria.

About 5-6% of apple cider vinegar consists of acetic acid and one table spoon contains 3 calories and no carbs. Apple cider vinegar has large vitamin, fibre and enzyme content in it.

How apple cider vinegar helps in weight loss

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the buzz surrounding apple cider vinegar and weight loss. Many supermodels swear by it claiming to drink a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with water before their meals. Also research in Japan found that overweight participants  who drank apple cider vinegars every day for 12 weeks had less fat and lower waist circumference compared to those who didn’t drink apple cider vinegar. The following are ways in which apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss:

  • Suppresses appetite

Apple cider vinegar acts as an appetite suppresser by producing a feeling of satiety sooner which in turn will make you eat less. Apple cider vinegar is a good source of pectin and pectin prevents spikes in blood sugar that lead to increased fat storage. Pectin will help you avoid the blood sugar ‘crash’ that leaves you craving more food and can keep you full for 1-2hrs.

  • Reduces fat storage

Because apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion, it also reduces the amount of time fat stays in the digestive tract. If fats stay longer than necessary during digestion, more fats will be absorbed. Vinegar burns off fat making it almost impossible for the body to store fat. Apple cider vinegar increases metabolism which enables our body to burn fat quicker and prevent the accumulation of fat.

  • Detoxes the body

An apple cider vinegar detox helps with weight loss as it aids in digestion and cleansing of the intestines. It is one of the best ways to cleanse the body and kill bacteria. Research has found that apple cider vinegar detoxes the liver and also helping to remove harmful environmental toxins that build up in the body. It helps to improve the natural blood filtration process whilst boosting energy levels.

  • Improves metabolism and burns fat

Apple cider vinegar stimulates your metabolism and makes you burn fat faster. It contains enzymes that speed up your metabolism and increases the rate in which your body is burning fat. According to Dr Oz, the reason why apple cider vinegar may help to burn fat is that acetic acid may promote the production of fat burning proteins.

  • Decreases insulin levels

Insulin is a hormone that allows your boy to use sugar from carbohydrates that you eat and store glucose for future use. Insulin helps to keep your blood sugar getting too high or too low. Apple cider vinegar has an impact on insulin secretion. When levels of insulin in your body are high for  example after eating carbohydrates, your body is more likely to store fat. Consuming apple cider vinegar with a high carbohydrate meal is likely to increase insulin sensitivity.

  • Lowers blood sugar levels

Apple cider vinegar controls blood sugar levels. Apple cider vinegar contains potassium which is known to balance the body’s sodium levels and maintain ideal blood pressure. It also contains magnesium which helps to relax blood vessel walls, and in turn lower blood pressure. When your blood sugar is stable, it is much easier to eat only when your body needs it.




  1. Wow I did not know apple cider vinegar had all of these amazing properties.

    So you say all you need to do is drink a few tablespoons before meals? Is this every meal or just once a day?

    I’m interested to know as I have been dieting for a while now and have stalled out recently, maybe this will be the spark I need to get over this hump.

    1. Hi Jeremy

      Just mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup (16 ounces) of water and drink the mixture between one and three times a day, ideally before a meal. I hope that helps and good luck!!

  2. Hi Siza

    This is a good article on apple cider vinegar. I have just started my spring diet, and want to boost my metabolism.

    I think this is a good way, but could you provide more instruction, on how much we use and when? Great read and I use it for my hair loss as well!

    1. Hi Robin
      Just mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and drink the mixture between one and three times a day, ideally before a meal.

  3. Wow, thanks for the information about apple cider vinegar. I had no idea that it did so much. I had heard that it helped with weight loss but didn’t realize it had been studied in clinical settings. I will have to start drinking some before meals! Do you recommend any specific brands? thanks!

    1. Hi Penelope, I would recommend the Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. It is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized and contains 5% acidity.

  4. I didnt realise apple cider vinegar has so many benefits to it. I am putting myself on a healthy exercise and diet plan and I must say I will factor this into it as all. I have quite a few kilos to lose and if this vinegar is as good as you say it is then it will only assist me on my weight losing journey. Thanks for the article!
    Cheers, Sharon

  5. Hi there!

    I have been wondering what’s going on with this apple cider vinegar fad! I’m so glad I found your review. Super interesting about the benefits of decreasing fat storage and balancing sugars, should be recommended to diabetics!
    I’m not normally one to get sucked into the ‘latest trend’ but I am definitely going to try this!
    I was just wondering, is there a limit on how long you should ingest apple cider vinegar? Months? Years?

    Anyway, thanks again for the great read!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Too much of anything is not good. Research shows that prolonged use of Apple Cider Vinegar might deplete the body of Iodine. I recommend taking a week or 2 off drinking it every 3-4 months to help your body to recover.

  6. I keep reading about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but I’m still not sure. I think this mostly comes from the fact that it smells awful and I can’t see a way of making it pleasant enough to keep up the habit! How much do you need for it to be effective and what’s the best way to get it into you?

    1. I can see what you mean Shirley. I had the same problem when I started, but try adding honey and water to it. You need 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 3 times a day to be effective. I hope that will help.

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